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Kansas Republican Ex-Attorney General Philip Kline Flees State?

Marking Beliefs to Market...

Back in 2007 I thought that Paul Krugman was broadly right in his assessment of Milton Friedman.

Alex Tabarrok disagreed. So did Edward Nelson and Anna Schwartz.

Has the reality of the last six years left anything of the Tabarrok-Nelson-Schwartz position standing? Or is it all 100% rubble?

I mean to start with:

(1) Krugman’s misstatements in “Who Was Milton Friedman?” about Friedman’s economics and about monetarism, as well as his assertions of existence of liquidity traps. (a) On Friedman: Krugman’s (2007a) concluding paragraph states that “Milton Friedman was a very great man indeed—a man of intellectual courage…"

does not auger well for the rest of the article…