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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for October 31, 2013


  1. "It’s now clear that any sort of solution to the climate change crisis that requires action from Congress — where many members of one party refuse to admit the problem exists at all — is pretty much impossible. But there are plenty of ways Obama can use executive action — not to solve the problem, perhaps, but to forestall doom as long as possible": Ryan Cooper: How the carbon bubble will pop
  2. "The first declared high profile Democratic challenger in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race against Gov. Scott Walker ( R) trails by about roughly two percentage points, according to a new Marquette University Law School poll. The poll found that, if the gubernatorial election were held today, businesswoman and Democratic challenger Mary Burke would get 44.9 percent of the vote while Walker would get 47.1 percent": Daniel Strauss: Poll: Democrat Mary Burke Narrowly Trails Scott Walker In Head-To-Head Matchup
  3. "Republican Presidential front runner Mitt Romney has taken heat from his rival for a 2009 USA today op-ed touting RomneyCare, including the individual mandate as model for national health reform. But the former Massachusetts Governor’s op-ed wasn’t the only time he thought the President could 'learn' from Massachusetts... three clips below from the summer of 2009": Andrew Kaczynski: Mitt Romney Suggested Three Times In 2009 That Obama Imitate Romneycare
  4. "But that statement only brought up, once again, the question of how much Greenspan has actually learned.... Pearlstein’s conclusion sounds about right. If Greenspan had really decided to take seriously the precepts of Keynesian economics, or even behavioral economics, he would have to repudiate a good deal of what he said and did in the past. And that far he still isn’t willing to go. (Which eighty-five-year-old is?)... Rose asked him this: If, when he was Fed chairman, he had known everything he learned in writing this book, would he have acted any differently? 'It is very difficult to say', Greenspan replied. “'I suspect not, but I can’t say that for sure': John Cassidy: Alan Greenspan Rediscovers Keynes, Sort of

Plus: Long:

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Plus: Short:

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