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Noted for Your Evening Procrastination for October 28, 2013

  1. "Plugging and chugging with these numbers (formula here), I compute that  the 'tax price' of Senator Cruz’s health insurance is about 64%. In other words about 36% of his health insurance premium cost would be government tax revenue if employer-sponsored health insurance were taxed like wages. That’s $14,595. A typical, able-bodied, adult Medicaid beneficiary costs government $3,000. In other words, Senator Cruz’s health insurance tax subsidy could fund Medicaid coverage for almost five such adults": Austin Frakt: More on Senator Cruz’s health insurance:
  2. "In the past few years I’ve scoffed at those who predicted that a failure of the ACA would somehow lead to single payer. After all, wishing won’t make it 60. But as I’ve watched the private-based exchanges fail so miserably, while Medicaid has quietly done gangbusters comparatively, I wonder": Aaron Carroll: Government health care for all?!?!!
  3. "This is what it means to be uninsured: the news that your 5 year old may lose a parent in elementary school takes a backseat to ‘we’re going to lose the house…unless my wife dies quickly’.... Our business has never been big enough to offer insurance. We knew from 1994 that plans to cover fewer than 50 people wouldn’t pay out or would take the premiums and run if we ever made a claim, so we didn’t bother to offer the option to make Blue Cross richer in order to feel insured. Obviously this has affected recruiting at our company": Phoenix Rising: Depends on where you’re standing


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