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James Baker: To win again, the Republicans must be a party of hope:

That is not to say that the Grand Old Party did not administer self-inflicted wounds in its recent effort to defund the Affordable Care Act. My party has been hurt by this tilting at political windmills. But while President Barack Obama and the Democrats may have scored a political victory, its impact in the long term is unclear and they were also hurt by the fallout…

I mean, whiskey-tango-foxtrot-bang-query-bang-query. The Democrats didn't threaten to and then begin to break the economy and the international financial system and the government unless the Republicans knuckled under to their policy priorities.

How does that hurt them?

How does James Baker think that hurt them?

The answer is simple: he doesn't. But he doesn't, even now, have the guts to speak truth to the wingnuts. And if nobody in the Republican Party has the guts to speak truth to the wingnuts, the wingnuts will never have their view of the world challenged.