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Liveblogging World War II: November 12th, 1943

FDR: Day by Day:

3:36am: The USS Potomac anchored off Cherry Point, VA, near the mouth of the Potomac river, to await the transfer of FDR and his party. Some five miles distant, farther out in the bay, the massive USS Iowa could be seen riding at anchor.

8:30am: The USS Potomac got under way to go alongside the USS Iowa USS Potomac

8:51am: The USS Potomac went alongside the USS Iowa, to starboard, and the transfer of the party was begun. The bay was very smooth at this point and the transfer was made expeditiously and without incident.

9:16am: FDR left the USS Potomac and went aboard the USS Iowa, using his special brow which was rigged from the after sun deck of the USS Potomac to the main deck of the USS Iowa, just abreast of the USS Iowa's #3 turret. This arrangement afforded a safe and comfortable transfer for FDR. At his request, no honors were rendered as he came on board theUSS Iowa. Due to war-time restrictions, his flag was not broken in the USS Iowa.

9:45am: The USS Potomac shoved off and shortly afterwards left for a secret destination in company with the SC664. Destination to be selected by the senior officer and to remain out of sight and incommunicado for not less than 1 week. Give impression FDR was on board. On board: Gen. George C. Marshall, Adm. Ernest J. King, Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Somervill, Handy, Cooke, Bieri, Badger, Kuter, Hansel, Bessell, Smith, Freseman, Royal, Doyle, Burrough, Long, Chapman, Miller, Morgan, Block, Larson, Anamosa.

9:51am: The USS Iowa got underway to proceed to Hampton Roads, VA, where she was to fuel ship and be joined by her anti-submarine screening destroyers before departing on the main leg of the journey. Because of her deep draft and the resultant restricted waters of the Chesapeake Bay, she had come to the rendezvous very light in the water.

1:00pm: FDR and members of his mess had lunch at 1:00 p.m., and spent a quiet afternoon.

5:43pm: Once underway, the USS Iowa proceeded on various courses and at various speeds to Hampton Roads, VA and at 5:43 pm, anchored in Berth "B".

6:00pm: Lt. (jg) R. W. Bogue, USNR, and Lt. (jg) O. S. Collins, Jr., USNR, (White House Map Room watch officers) came on board with official mail from Washington, DC. This mail, which contained H.R.3366 and S.J. Resolution 95, was acted on

6:30pm: (dinner) Capt. McCrea was the only guest.

6:45pm: Lt's. Bogue and Collins left the USS Iowa at 6:45 pm to return the mail to the White House.

7:12pm: The tanker USS Housatonic came alongside to starboard to fuel the USS Iowa.

7:35pm: The tanker USS Escalante moored alongside to port to assist in fueling the USS Iowa.

8:30pm: Movies in FDR's quarters. Gen's. George C. Marshall, H. H. Arnold and Somervell, and Adm. Ernest J. King were guests for the movies that night and every other night of the passage.

9:55pm: Fueling from the USS Escalante was completed at 9:55 pm. USS Escalante departed immediately after task was completed.

10:20pm: After fueling completed, USS Housatonic departed. Harry L. Hopkins, Gen. George C. Marshall, Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Adm. William D. Leahy, Adm. Ernest J. King, and other prominent guests requested to remain under cover during fueling to conceal presence of FDR on board. Features and background of USS Iowa noted. FDR occupied Captain's quarters. Harry L. Hopkins, Adm. William D. Leahy and others were members of his mess. Noted where other guests and ship members stayed.