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"We Are Hiding in Our Burrows Right Now...": Wednesday Hoisted from the Archives from Four Years Ago

Liveblogging World War II: November 13, 1943



Germans counterattack toward Zhitomir: A German Tiger tank of sPzAbt 509 near Zhitomir... On the Eastern Front... Army Group South (Field Marshal von Manstein) orders 7th Panzer Division (Manteuffel) to counterattack south of Zhitomir from around Berdichev.

In Italy... The British 8th Army continues its advances. It consists of 5 divisions and 2 armored brigades. Troops of the 8th Indian Division, supported by the New Zealand 2nd Division, capture Perano. The German 76th Panzer Corps is defending in this area. It consists of 2 divisions and elements of a third division.

In the Solomon Islands... On Bougainville the American divisions push back the Japanese along the jungle tracks. A few American tanks are available for support.