Jonathan Chait: Keystone Fight a Huge Environmentalist Mistake: Noted
Dave Reifschneider, William Wascher, and David Wilcox: Aggregate Supply in the United States: Recent Developments and Implications for the Conduct of Monetary Policy: Noted

Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for November 5, 2013


  1. "An entire section of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 2013 book Government Bullies was copied wholesale from a 2003 case study by the Heritage Foundation... 1,318 words.... The new cut-and-paste job follows reports by BuzzFeed, Politico, and MSNBC that Paul had plagiarized speeches either from Wikipedia or news reports.... Paul included a link to the Heritage case study in the book’s footnotes, though he made no effort to indicate that not just the source, but the words themselves, had been taken from Heritage. A Paul aide defended the senator.... “In the book Government Bullies... in no case has the Senator used information without attribution,” said Doug Stafford, an advisor to Sen. Paul who co-wrote the book": Andrew Kaczynski: Three Pages Of Rand Paul's Book Were Plagiarized From Think Tanks
  2. "My son is a native of uncertain times. In the land of stop and frisk, history stalks him. But his president is black. And institutions that once defined themselves by his exclusion have thrown open their doors. But as the options for kids like my son have grown in unimaginable ways, the fortunes of black schools have declined. Howard, which nurtured civil rights warriors like Andrew Young, Thurgood Marshall and Charles Hamilton Houston, has played a special role in the work of integration. But an unspeakable conclusion has followed from that work--that the job of Howard University is to pave the way for its own obsolescence. That terrible tension was on vivid display last weekend at Howard": Ta-Nehisi Coates: Homecoming at Howard
  3. "There are three snippets from Marc Fisher and Laura Vozzella’s pre-post-mortem of the Ken Cuccinelli gubernatorial campaign.... 'Four years ago, McDonnell’s largest single donor other than Republican Party organizations was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which spent $973,000 on his campaign. This year, the chamber gave Cuccinelli nothing.'... 'Of the 43 donors who contributed $50,000 or more to McDonnell four years ago, 27 made no major gifts to Cuccinelli this year.... The 27 missing donors gave a total of $2.3 million in 2009.'... 'Mark Kington, an Alexandria venture capitalist who gave $83,000 to McDonnell in 2009, said he steered clear of Cuccinelli because “his position on climate change to me was a real non-starter, and I told him as much.”' Kington... donated $1.5 million with his wife to endow a professorship in climate change research. Cuccinelli... spent two years as attorney general investigating whether a U.Va. professor had manipulated data to show rising temperatures on Earth. The university fought back, and the Virginia Supreme Court ruled for the school....' Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t raise enough money to compete in this race. It’s true in Virginia. It’s true in Georgia. It’s true in California. It’s true basically everywhere. The world has changed almost overnight. Something different is coming": Martin Longman: As I Was Saying…
  4. "We are not, however, helpless. To keep up with the pathogens, we need to slow the rate of evolution of antimicrobial resistance through responsible use of antibiotics.... We also need to speed up the rate at which we develop new antibiotics.... In short, we urgently need policy action and we need science. But in the face of this problem, the US is cutting its scientific research budget": Bill Gardner: The antibiotic era is over. And we are cutting health research funding?

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