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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for November 6, 2013


  1. Dahlia Lithwick: Landslide Terry: "But don’t let that distract from what really happened.... An official [Ken Cuccinelli] who consistently used his elected office to promote policies that shamed, marginalized, and patronized women and other minorities was met with a 'no'. This... was about voters and what they know to be true.... Virginians, especially women, showed that they simply don’t believe that the commonwealth of Virginia should be in the business of discriminating against homosexuals, legislating an extreme anti-sodomy agenda, shuttering Planned Parenthood clinics, pressing an invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound law, and supporting a draconian illegal immigration law.... Virginia women... know a whole lot about what they need to be protected from and when. And today they voted to “protect” themselves from Ken Cuccinelli."
  2. National Security Professional: Another Perspective on the NSA Leaks: "Either you change the law openly, publicly, or if that is impossible and you consider violating the law imperative, then you make a claim of 'exceptional illegality'... a tough case.... But the thing about the NSA revelations is that this isn’t exceptional illegality. It is routine, somehow justified by legal opinions written by John Yoo-style hacks. And worse, it is so routine that 29 y/o contractors have access to it."
  3. Jim Hansen et al.: More Nukes Now: "Renewables like wind and solar and biomass will certainly play roles in a future energy economy, but those energy sources cannot scale up fast enough to deliver cheap and reliable power at the scale the global economy requires. While it may be theoretically possible to stabilize the climate without nuclear power, in the real world there is no credible path to climate stabilization that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power..."
  4. Lisa Pollack: The siren call of Microsoft Excel: "Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software... seemed to be the right tool for every job, every time, according to almost everyone.... Excel has enabled much.... However, the easy access it grants to significant computational power will continue to leave room for expensive errors.... 'Excel is a crutch for analysts who can’t write code'..."

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