Things to Read on the Evening of Wednesday, November 6, 2013
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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for November 7, 2013

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  1. Jason Kottke: The lukewarm response to global climate change: "I wonder... what it's gonna take for the world's governments to lurch into action on this? Or will they ever? Years of iron-clad scientific consensus isn't doing it. Sandy didn't do it. Heat waves, wildfires, and floods seem to have little effect. The melting Arctic, ha! The risk to food and water supplies? Not really..."
  2. Brian Buetler: How the media is blowing the Obamacare rollout: "Dylan [Scott's] piece is essentially about how insurance companies (some, not all) are... fleecing their existing customers.... Cancellations are inevitable. And some recipients will indeed find themselves required to pay more for equivalent or inferior coverage.... But these insurers are neither trying to find comparable price points for their existing beneficiaries nor alerting them to the market expansion the ACA creates. They’re defaulting their customers on to much more expensive plans, which they describe as comparable... and hoping those customers don’t notice..."
  3. Sherrod Brown: Here’s A Bargain: "There are two fundamental numbers that make this a moral case for Democrats to make. One is that a third of seniors rely on Social Security for virtually their entire income. The other is that more than half of seniors rely on Social Security for significantly more than half their income..."
  4. Dahlia Lithwick: Lawyers, Guns & Money: "But don’t let that distract from what really happened in Virginia today: An official who consistently used his elected office to promote policies that shamed, marginalized, and patronized women and other minorities was met with a 'no'. This wasn’t just about money, or the shutdown, or Star Scientific, or Terry McAuliffe’s fancy Clinton-era friends. It was about voters and what they know to be true.... Virginians, especially women, showed that they simply don’t believe that the commonwealth of Virginia should be in the business of discriminating against homosexuals, legislating an extreme anti-sodomy agenda, shuttering Planned Parenthood clinics, pressing an invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound law, and supporting a draconian illegal immigration law.... Virginia women who were mostly affronted by talk of trans-vaginal ultrasounds and clinic closures and constraints on birth control, know a whole lot about what they need to be protected from and when. And today they voted to “protect” themselves from Ken Cuccinelli..."

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