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Tim F.: The "Moderate" Republicans' Dilemma

Tim F.: Bears Repeating:

Treating brown folks like humans pissed off the base plenty, but losing the presidency twice to a black guy has driven them to an incoherent frothing rage. Business cons do not love ego service and low taxes so much that they’ll strap on a suicide vest for it.... We have thus moved to the inevitable phase two, where local CoC’s piss away an election cycle or two on futile primaries against the worst offenders. The tea party already made up half of GOP primary voters before the shutdown. Having scared off a few more layers of moderate voter I am sure these milquetoasts will win handily lecturing the frothy horde to tuck their shirts in (or wear one) and eat the damn broccoli. Speaking of which, I bet that a long line of Wall Street friends begged Peter King to run for President and help bring the crazies to heel[:]

No one is about to put King in the top tier of GOP 2016 hopefuls.... His main motivation is unmistakable: pushing back against what he sees as a 'dangerous' strain of isolationism that’s gaining strength in the GOP. Trips to early states like New Hampshire make him not just a 'Republican congressman' in the media but also a 'potential 2016 candidate' — giving him a bigger megaphone to drive his message.

Settle down you wogs, and eat your damn broccoli. After all this time someone will finally test whether you can win a national election without any volunteers.