Tea-Party Pyramid and Other Schemes: The View from the Roasterie XXXII: November 13, 2011
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"Senator Mitch McConnell: I Knew Samson, Samson Was a Friend of Mine, and You Are No Samson!": Rule and Ruin Weblogging: The View from the Roasterie XXXIII: November 14, 2013

The thing is that from the Tea Party perspective Mitch McConnell is "Washington":

Prairie Weather: muses on how Kentucky's Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell appears very likely to lose his bid to return to the Senate in January 2015:

Why Mitch McConnell is likely a dead man walking: The core issue making the tea party candidate a likely successor to the Senate Minority Leader comes from a journalism professor:

Al Cross, a political columnist and journalism professor at the University of Kentucky, explained that McConnell got his start in politics as the judge-executive of Jefferson County. His job then was to run programs and deliver services effectively:

McConnell was a guy who got into government to make it work. You could almost say he was a pro-government kind of guy. Since he was elected to the Senate [in 1984], the party moved in an anti-government direction. His political DNA is different than Jim DeMint’s and the other guys...

It's not just that. Mitch McConnell set out in January 2009 to break America's government. The idea was that if the government was broken--if as little got accomplished as possible, and that little was tainted by the poison of being Democrats overriding Republicans--then voters would be unhappy. And since the Democrats were in charge of Washington, voters would vote out Democrats.

The problem is that Mitch McConnell is, from the perspective of the Republican primary electorate, also "Washington". From the perspective of the Republican primary electorate, he is part of the system that is failing.

He could, by now, be back in Kentucky campaigning as a winner--as somebody who forced Obama to back off of Kenyan-Muslim-socialist health-care big spending and big carbon taxing and health-care nationalization and adopt free-market entitlement-reform pro-environment policies, and a personal-responsibility health-care plan as well. He could be campaigning as one of the architects of the health-care plan that is is now successfully being implemented in Kentucky and elsewhere.

But by defining the implementation of RomneyCare nationwide as a defeat--as a sign that he has failed to make a difference in Washington--he has given the Republican primary electorate in Kentucky the best reason possible to replace him. Samson at least brought down the temple on top of the Philistines as well as on top of himself,