No, the Human-Driven Processes Warming the Globe Have Not Paused. Why Do You Ask?
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A Note on the Importance of Administrative Follow-Through and Implementation

Shouldn't, at this point in any administration, all of the numbers in the first column be in single digits?

Judicial Vacancies

Can somebody please explain to me what is going on? Is this powerful evidence that only administratively-successful sitting and ex-governors should be considered for the presidency?

And I look over at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and I see two of the seven seats filled next February--Yellen and Tarullo--I see one current vacancy, I see Bloom Raskin gone to the Treasury, I see Powell's term expiring, I see Bernanke back at Princeton, and I see Powell's term expiring. Shouldn't there be five Federal Reserve Board of Governors nominees in the pipeline by now, simply as a matter of basic administrative competence?