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Joint Representative Mike Rogers R-MI) and Christopher Conover (AEI/Duke) Smackdown Watch: How Can We Have a Dialogue with These People? Weblogging

Outsourced to Ezra Klein: The GOP says Obamacare will cancel 80-100 million insurance plans. Nope:

I appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press".... Before I came on, Mike Rogers, a Republican congressman from Michigan, delivered his take. Obamacare's effects turned out to be more dire than I'd ever imagined.

The next go-round on the business side is 80 to 100 million people will get cancellation notices.... Eighty million people are going to get pink slips. Their own estimate. Eighty million.

That's more cancellation notices than the estimates I've seen by a factor of at least 10. I asked Rogers's press secretary where the number came from. Turns out it's not exactly the administration's own estimates. It's a Daily Caller interview with Christopher Conover.... According to Conover, Rogers, if anything, understated his case... "at least" 129 million people will lose their coverage by the end of 2014....

What Conover's talking about here isn't cancellation notices or pink slips... [but] any change to a plan at all.... This isn't how most people define losing their plan. I have family members whose insurance expanded to cover their adult children. They didn't call me complaining that they lost their plan. They called me ecstatic that their plan had improved.... What Rogers said on "Meet the Press" is... flatly untrue. It's simply not the case that 80 to 100 million people are going to get cancellation notices over the next year.

As for Conover's definition of losing your health insurance, it's telling that so many of the people losing their health insurance don't think they've lost their health insurance. Many of them think their health insurance has improved! And small changes to benefits and premiums are common in employer-provided health-care plans...