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Liveblogging World War II: December 9, 1943

Day by Day:

6:00am: FDR departed his villa by auto for the airport. Elliott Roosevelt accompanied FDR | Tunis, Tunisia

6:20am: FDR arrived at El Aouina and boarded his plane. He once again bade goodbye to Elliott Roosevelt and various other officers on duty in the Tunisian area | Tunis, Tunisia

6:35am: FDR's plane departed El Aouina for Dakar, French West Africa. In FDR's plane were: FDR, Harry L. Hopkins, Adm. William D. Leahy, Adm's. Wilson Brown and Ross T. McIntire, Gen. Edwin M. Watson, Lt. Comdr. Fox, Lt. (jg) Rigdon, Secret Service Agent's Spaman, Hastings, and Fredericks, and Steward Prettyman. The plane passed over sections of Tunisia, Algeria, French Sudan, Mauretania, and Senegal. The flight was long and tiring (12 1/2 hours non-stop), but was uneventful. Enroute, clocks and watches were set back one hour to conform to Zone Zero time | En route to Dakar, Senegal

6:10pm: FDR's plane landed at Rufisque Field at 6:10 pm (Dakar time) and was met by several American officers, including Vice Adm. W. A. Glassford, USN. FDR sorted through official mail from Washington, DC that was brought aboard. No legislative or Congressional matters. FDR and party drove to French naval station at Dakar where they boarded the French destroyer La Gazelle. FDR was greeted by the Gov. Gen. of French W. Africa, Pierre Cournarie. Local officials were presented to FDR | Dakar, French West Africa

8:13pm: The La Gazelle went alongside the USS Iowa and FDR and his party were transferred to that vessel. By arrangement there were no honors rendered upon FDR's arrival on board. The Combined Chiefs of Staff and their accompanying party did not return in the USS Iowa with FDR. There were a number of US Navy and Army officers on board the USS Iowa for transportation to the US. FDR was taken aboard the USS Iowa by means of a specially rigged "boatswain's chair." | USS Iowa

9:00pm: The USS Iowa got underway from Dakar, French West Africa in company with the US Destroyers USS Ellyson (Commander Destroyer Squadron Ten embarked therein), USS Emmons, and Rodman for the return voyage to the US. The group operated tactically as Task Group 27.5 under the command of Capt McCrea. FDR and members of his mess (Harry L. Hopkins, Adm. William D. Leahy, Adm's. Wilson Brown and McIntire, Gen. Edwin M. Watson) dined soon after boarding the USS Iowa. FDR retired soon after dinner | USS Iowa