Things to Read on the Morning of December 19, 2013
Senate Votes for Federal Reserve Chair: 83 Volcker, 84 Volcker Reppointment, 91 Greenspan, 100 Greenspan Reppointment, 91 Greenspan Third, 89 Greenspan Fourth, 100 Greenspan Fifth, 99 Bernanke, 77 Bernanke Reppointment, 59 Yellen

Morning Must-Read: Lane Kenworthy: America’s Social Democratic Future

Lane Kenworthy: America’s social democratic future:

Since March 2010... the Affordable Care Act... has been at the center of American politics. Tea Party activists and their allies in the Republican Party have tried to stymie the law at nearly every turn. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted more than 40 times in favor of repealing or defunding it, and last October the House allowed a partial shutdown of the federal government in an attempt to block or delay the law. The controversy surrounding the ACA shows no sign of ending anytime soon.... The ACA represents another step on a long, slow, but steady journey away from the classical liberal capitalist state and toward a peculiarly American version of social democracy.... Powerful forces will continue to fight those efforts, and the resulting social insurance policies will emerge more gradually and be less universal, less efficient, and less effective than they would otherwise have been. But the opponents are fighting a losing battle and can only slow down and distort the final outcome rather than stop it. Thanks to a combination of popular demand, technocratic supply, and gradually increasing national wealth, social democracy is the future of the United States.