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Ashok Rao on Has Rising Inequality Really Been a Problem Over the Past Generation?: The Honest Broker for the Week of December 8, 2013

"The Honest Broker"

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Over at Equitable Growth's Equitablog I am starting a hopefully-weekly feature I am going to call: "The Honest Broker". The point of it is to, once a week, give people a 3000-or-so-word introduction and assessment that will bring them up to speed on some particular issue of importance to equitable growth.

This will be in large part the point of the Equitablog weblogging exercise: we want to play our position, and help focus the attention of the public sphere on the issues that are truly important, rather than joining the webloggy equivalent of the 20 six-year-olds in a mass around the soccer ball who have forgotten which goal is there's and are kicking randomly.

And putting out, once a week or so, an introduction-and-assessment of an issue area seems a good way to do that.

In a year we will have 52 slots. That should be enough to cover great deal of the issues relevant to equitable growth--to the seamless web of advancing material well-being, in its components of accumulation and investment (of factors, ideas, and institutions), production (providing incentives to use accumulated and invested resources to produce stuff, producing stuff in the right proportions, and ensuring demand is there to get the produced stuff bought), distribution (plus its feedbacks onto production and accumulation and investment), and implementation.

Plus dialogue: this will work only if we get the dialogue going...

So: Suggestions? Examples? Pitches? Requests?

The first three are: