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Liveblogging World War II: January 8, 1944

The Billings Gazette:

A new offensive by the Russian Second Ukrainian army has Wasted a 62-mile-wide break-through in German Dnieper bend lines and has advanced 25 miles In three days, completely surrounding the Industrial town of Krovbgrad, Moscow announced Friday night, while the Russian First Ukrainian army to the northwest struck 12 miles farther into old Poland to capture Klesow.

The fortress village of San Vittore, just six miles from Cassino and the flat plains leading toward Borne, fell to General Mark W. Clark's Fifth army at 3:57 p.m. Thursday after three days of desperate, no-quarter street fighting with a German garrison.

Fighting on the southeastern front of the American beach head at Cape Gloucester dropped into a lull intermittent patrolling and skirmishing with Japanese forces around Borgen bay Wednesday and Thursday, but allied airmen continue their blows with the seventeen straight night raids on Kavieng, New Ireland, it was announced Saturday.