Another Example of Our Old Media Professionals Not Understanding the World?
Ross Douthat Fails to Realize: "Just Because I Read It on the Internet Doesn't Mean It's True": Thursday Idiocy

Thursday idiocy: Three of the Unhinged: The President Is a--CLANG!!

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I read that--in spite of Obama's pursuing centrist or, indeed, slightly right-of-center policies, and abandoning priority after priority he campaigned on in an attempt to build bridges with congressional Republicans--Obama is a divider, is a Marxist, is an anti capitalist:

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama is a divider, and its his fault that the Republicans loathe more than half of America!

The Meaning of the Inaugural Address: [T]he bitter election wars to achieve and maintain a 51–53 percent majority (the noble 99 percent versus the selfish 1 percent, the greens versus the polluters, the young and hip versus the stodgy and uncool, the wisely unarmed versus the redneck assault-weapon owners, women versus the sexists, gays versus the bigots, Latinos versus the nativists, blacks versus the “get over it” spiteful and resentful, the noble public sector versus the “you didn’t build that” profiteers, Colin Powell/Chuck Hagel/reasonable Republicans versus Neanderthal House tea-party zealots), in Nixonian fashion have left a lot of bitter divisions that lie just beneath the surface of a thinning veneer.

David Mamet: Barack Obama is a Marxist huckster who thinks he is in charge of determining what we need!

Rule by bureaucrats and functionaries is an example of the first part of the Marxist equation…. President Obama, in his reelection campaign, referred frequently to the “needs” of himself and his opponent, alleging that each has more money than he “needs.” But where in the Constitution is it written that the Government is in charge of determining “needs”?… It is not the constitutional prerogative of the Government to determine needs…. The Founding Fathers, far from being ideologues, were not even politicians…. [They were] men, in short, who knew something of the world, which is to say, of Human Nature. Their struggle to draft a set of rules… based on the assumption that we… are no damned good -- that we are biddable, easily confused, and that we may easily be motivated by a Politician, which is to say, a huckster, mounting a soapbox and inflaming our passions.

Clive Crook: Barack Obama is a failed anticapitalist and the tool of Nancy Pelosi!

Obama’s Blunder Was in Ceding Political Center to Romney: [Obama] has fought a campaign… playing on class war…. If Obama should lose… it will be because he fought [the election] as a failed progressive…. Washington is still broken… and Obama is no longer even trying to mend it…. Obama could have been a strong centrist, which would have aroused even louder complaints from the Democratic left. Or he could have been a weak progressive, constantly on the retreat. He chose to be the latter. Policy-wise, the result might have been much the same…. Obama the muscular centrist could have taken credit for [his] achievements… in a way that Obama the battered progressive has been unable to…. He would have seemed his own man rather than an instrument of Nancy Pelosi…. [Obama] hardened the anticapitalist line around which his campaign for re-election was forming…. He blew it, and an election he should have won easily will go down to the wire.

And I think: At some level, these people know that Obama is not a divider, not a Marxist, not an anticapitalist. These people dislike Obama, and are searching their minds trying to figure out why they dislike hi and come up with a presentable reason for their dislike.

Do they have enough self-understanding to admit to themselves--in secret, in the darkness, in their hearts--that at bottom the fundamental reason they are so upset is not that Obama is a divider (he isn't), or a Marxist (he isn't), or an anticapitalist (he isn't')? Do they have enough self-understanding to admit to themselves that the fundamental reason they are so upset is that the President is a Negro?

And I'm not going to get into the misogyny here...