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Weather and Climate, or, California's Scary Drought This Year: The View from La Farine LXXXIV: January 28, 2014

Tim F.: Weather and Climate: "Let’s talk for a minute about Nome, Alaska. This burg of 3,700 sits near the western edge of the Seward Peninsula where it borders the Bering Sea....

Though far north as towns go Nome weather is moderated by the ocean, keeping it as warm as minus two to twelve Fahrenheit on average even in late January against an average of zero to minus eighteen for the Alaskan interior.... For those of you wondering what happened to your jet stream, folks in Nome are enjoying a record high of forty-six degrees (forty with wind chill) and looking at an overnight low around thirty-three. It is raining in Anchorage.

Sea ice started melting a while ago in the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean. This warms up the area like crazy because ice reflects solar energy whereas open water absorbs it. This drew the jet stream north as everyone knew it would, winters get a lot nicer in the far north (unless you have a foundation in permafrost, which everyone does) and the higher atmo pressure pushed the arctic weather south to us while denying the Southwest any precipitation at all. That kind of sucks for SoCal, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and anyone in the lower 48 who prefers not to freeze to death and it will put huge pressure on Colorado and other upriver states to sacrifice their water consumption so Arizona farmers and Flagstaff golf courses can stay in business.

To summarize, whenever someone says “where is your global warming now?“, punch him in the neck.

This year:

California s drought is kind of staggering when seen from space Grist

Last year:

California s drought is kind of staggering when seen from space Grist