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Principles of Economics: Distorting and Undistorting Competitive Markets: Externalities and the Plan

And Now "National Review" Hates CostCo too...: Live from The Roasterie LXXXXV: February 12, 2014

Alicublog: New Realities: "Remember when conservatives considered Costco as American as cheeseburgers and credit default swaps?...

The basic idea was [that] large stores selling large lots at large discounts... excited the Common Man and that was what conservatism was all about. (Rick Santorum tried to split the difference in his last Witchfinder General campaign by calling his chosen people "Sam's Club and Costco folks.")... NROniks like Jennifer Graham sneered at a feminist who didn't want to have kids and wind up shopping at Costco.... Larry Kudlow protested John Kerry's NAFTA stance as "trade protectionism" that "undermines the living standards of the near 135 million Americans who shop at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy." This schtick persisted into the early Obama era... added Costco to the honor roll of big companies "in Obama’s crosshairs" for high socialist taxation.... Mitt and Ann Romney went shopping at Costco and gushed about all the stuff they'd bought and would keep in a shed till the election was over and they could quietly get rid of it.

But this week, National Review's Alec Torres headlines,

Costco: The Arugula of Chain Stores

Arugula--the most dreaded of conservative curse-words!

Their membership fees are apparently elitist: Costco, Torres has discovered, "is largely found in middle-class and affluent communities, where residents can afford to front $55 to $110 before purchasing a single item."

What happened?

The answer's in Torres' subhed:

Obama's choice for shopping is great if you don't know any non-rich non-liberals

Since the President and others started pointing out that Costco pays its workers okay and still makes money, and wingnuts have had to devote precious propaganda resources to explaining why we can't let that kind of thing get out of hand, the company has apparently lost its cred with the community.

I look forward to the 2016 speeches when Republicans are instructed to refer to real Americans who only shop at dollar stores, Rent-a-Centers, and payday loan outfits.

May I just say that the payday loan outfits in Missouri--and in Kansas--are absolutely terrifying?