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Watching Al Gore on Global Warming: Live from The Roasterie CV: February 25, 2014

Outsourced to Blue Girl: They gave us a republic...:: What's the Worst that Could Happen?: "Al Gore... spoke to a packed Grand Ballroom at the Westin Crown Center for about an hour, and the audience could not have been more receptive or friendlier.

He was clearly a man at ease, who knew he was among friends, and this was conveyed by a warm, engaging and easy manner. It was enough to make me wonder "Where was this guy in 2000? This guy would have carried his home state, or at least most of those Nader voters and that would have been enough."... What is within our power to change, as he pointed out, is the future, and then he made the people... responsible for making sure we each and every one understood that we are integral to making sure that we, as a society, choose the right pathways as we move forward....

We live in a time when technology makes it possible for a message to be disseminated world-wide in minutes, and to reach more of the world's people than ever before, the problem is, 85% of these life-altering technologies are powered by carbon-based energy sources, and that has to change....

What I learned Saturday that made me angry, though, was the part about surface-water temperatures being nearly 6 degrees warmer than average windward of where Haiyan made landfall and five degrees warmer windward of the New York-Newark metropolitan area. That information was readily available and easily verifiable. That it wasn't reported as part of the stories in the main$tream media strikes me as nothing short of journalistic malpractice....

A lot of people... wring their hands and look at us with pleading earnestness and say "But what if you're wrong?"

What about that? What if we are wrong? Well, for starters, wind and sun aren't fungible. They don't go onto a global market, they don't fracture the bedrock of the Earth, nor do hey knock down mountains. So even if we're wrong, we get cleaner air and cleaner water, fish that is safe to eat, and true energy independence, just for starters. Along the way we might get, as side benefits, better-designed neighborhoods and communities that are less car-centric and friendlier to foot and bike traffic and public transit. Clean air, clean water and walkable neighborhoods all conspire to make for healthier communities, and healthier communities are just nicer places to live.

Quelle horreur!