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Afternoon Must-Read: Charles Gaba: California: Suggestions of Even Larger ACA Exchange Numbers?

Charles Gaba: California: Suggestions of even larger numbers?: "I included the 80K in 4 days info yesterday...

but didn't realize the implications of the second sentence until a commentor pointed it out:

The Covered California exchange said sign-ups have been building throughout the week with about 80,000 people picking a health plan Monday through Thursday. An additional 150,000 households created an online account and started the shopping process in the last three days, officials said.

That's 50,000 households--not individuals--PER DAY who JUST ceated an account for 3 days straight. Pretty sure most of those are actually enrolling even as I type this. I think this final weekend surge is going to be MUCH larger than even I've been projecting. Gotta run for the moment, but I'm going ahead and calling it 6.7 million exchange-based QHPs as of now.