Mark Begich Campaigns!: Live from La Farine CXLII: April 16, 2014
What Was I Thinking as 2008 Turned into 2009?: Wednesday Focus: April 16, 2014

Econ 2: Spring 2014: UC Berkeley: Administrivia for April 16, 2014

Finish Essentials, chapter 14 "Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply", 15 "Fiscal Policy”. Start chapters 16 and 17: “Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve” and “Monetary Policy”

M Apr. 14: The Lesser Depression:

  • Fiscal Austerity/Monetary Orthodoxy/Financial Paralysis/Employment Hysteresis/The Euro/Doing Problems with AD-AS, etc…

W Apr 16: The Lesser Depression/The Government Budget

Further Reading:

  • Aviva Aron-Dine et al.: The RAND Health Insurance Experiment, Three Decades Later/CBO: Economic and Budget Outlook 2014/J. Bradford DeLong: The Budget and Macro Policy: A Primer

Final Exam: Friday May 16, 8-11 AM, Hearst Gymnasium

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