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Morning Must-Read: Ezra Klein: The Right Can’t Admit that Obamacare Is Working

Ezra Klein: The Right Can’t Admit that Obamacare Is Working: "Obamacare's successes are... conservatism's successes.

The individual mandate is a conservative idea--and it's working. Liberals were skeptical that private insurers would compete on price even absent a public option--but they are. High-deductible health plans are a longtime conservative solution for health costs--and Obamacare is spreading them far and wide. But conservatives can't take credit for any of this, much less build on it.... Many think Obamacare is basically working despite the Obama administration's best efforts. The roll-out really was a disaster, the law remains unpopular, and estimations of the Obama administration's competence are still low. The public would gladly flock to a political party that had a real plan for improving Obamacare, and a serious claim to being able to manage it more professionally. Luckily for the Obama administration, Obama Derangement Syndrome ensures Republicans are still far, far away from being that party.