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Liveblogging World War II: May 29, 1944

From World War II Today: Housing Officer George Beardmore, in London:

Part of history is that fact that Enid from No 41, Christine from the Crescent, and Audrey also from the Crescent — all three being handsome and desirable young girls ranging from ages 17 to 20 — have developed patches on their lungs. If this isn’t a direct corollary of war I have never heard a bomb drop.

Of greater national importance is that we are presently under the shadow of the so-called ‘Second Front’ (actually, this will be the third or fourth front) by which is meant the invasion from these islands of the continent.

Although dead secret, much seeps through, how the Americans have been pouring tanks, guns, and equipment into this country, how the respective armies have been given different objectives — the Yanks here, the Canadians there, the British somewhere else, and how the invasion will be preceded both by a massive air-bombardment and an attack by air-borne gliders.

I find this incredible, even though gliders have been employed by the Germans. Much of it is rumour but at least it has given the office old soldiers a great deal to talk about.

A grim kind of exaltation is in full flood. I daresay the actual sailings will not be dramatic because dispersed over days and over the north European coastline.