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Twitter kjhealy The British fear electricityTwitter / kjhealy: @dsquareddigest @EpicureanDeal ...:

The British fear electricity, and guard against it using giant red switches and a plug the size of the USS Missouri. http:://

Paweł Morski ‏@Pawelmorski: @kjhealy @delong if our kettles took an hour to boil, I wouldn't mention other people's electricity.

Ryan Avent ‏@ryanavent: @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong And yet the electric dryers here can run for 12 hours straight without managing to dry anything...

Paweł Morski ‏@Pawelmorski: @ryanavent @kjhealy @delong buy a washing line like normal people

Ryan Avent ‏@ryanavent: @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong I'll get right on that as soon as I find the bus that takes me to the 19th century.

Dan Davies ‏@dsquareddigest: @ryanavent @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong stop pretending you know what a bus does.

Ryan Avent ‏@ryanavent: @dsquareddigest @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong The number on the front is the minimum height to ride, if I'm not mistaken, in centimeters.

Dan Davies ‏@dsquareddigest: @ryanavent @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong stop pretending you know what a centimetre is

Epicurean Dealmaker ‏@EpicureanDeal: @dsquareddigest @ryanavent @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong Your plug-in electric tea kettles are pretty cool, though.

Dan Davies ‏@dsquareddigest: @EpicureanDeal @ryanavent @Pawelmorski @kjhealy @delong I have a kettle that you don't even have to plug in. We call them "iPhones".

Kieran Healy @kjhealy: @dsquareddigest @EpicureanDeal @ryanavent @Pawelmorski @delong See how a Valley startup plans to disrupt kettles with this burning stick...."