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Thursday Hoisted: From Comments: Someone Who Remembers 1997-98 on Chris House on Traditional Macroeconomic Models and the Great Recession

Over at Department of "WTF?!" Chris House on Traditional Macroeconomic Models and the Great Recession,: Someone Who Remembers 1997-8 writes in comments:

I was more struck by this:

Chris House: Traditional Macroeconomic Models and the Great Recession:

Macroeconomists were caught completely off-guard by the financial crisis. None of the models we were accustomed to use provided insights or policy recommendations.... Neither the New Keynesian model nor its paleo-Keynesian antecedent feature a meaningful role for financial market failures. As a result, the policy response to the crisis was largely improvised. This is not to say that the improvised policy actions were bad. Improvisation guided by Ben Bernanke was about as good as we could hope for. Nevertheless, for the most part, the models we were accustomed to use to deal with business cycle fluctuations were simply incapable of making sense of what was going on.... While I typically do not grant much credence to heterodox economists, in this instance Professor Wray’s diagnosis is completely correct...

Has Chris House:

  • never heard of Walter Bagehot, Hyman Minsky, or Charlie Kindleberger?

  • not think that they were macroeconomists?

  • unaware of the debates and discussions and modeling exercises carried out around the 1997-98 East Asian financial crisis and the 1994-5 Mexican crisis?

  • unaware of all the credit-channel work on the Great Depression?

It is a great mystery...