In Which I Go Around, Over and Over Again, in Circles as I Try to Understand What Is Going on in Europe: Over at Equitable Growth: Monday Focus for August 25, 2014
Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for August 25, 2014

Afternoon Must-Read: Sam Wang: In Swing States, Is Obamacare an Asset? Yes

In Swing States Is Obamacare an Asset The New Yorker

Sam Wang: In Swing States, Is Obamacare an Asset?: "Republican governors who bucked their party’s stance...

...and accepted the policy are faring better with voters—in these races, an average of 8.5 percentage points better.... Think of the Medicaid expansion as a 'proxy variable... predictive of stands on many other issues.... If you’re too hard-core or offensive, some of your constituents can get turned off.... Martinez... Kasich... and... Snyder... look as strong as... when they were... elected. All... accepted the Affordable Care Act.... Obamacare is not the political liability it was once thought to be.... To the extent that governors hold on to their offices in close races, it may be because they have focussed on issues that are important to the voters in their states rather than the core views of their party.