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Battle of Westport 150th Year Anniversary: Live from Swope Park


THE BATTLE OF WESTPORT: 150th Anniversary Exhibition& Reenactment October 23-26, 2014 :: 􏰀6601 Swope Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64132

9 million people living in the Confederacy: 5 million white, 4 million Black.

1.2 million adult white males in the Confederacy. 900,000 served. 75,000 died in battle. 75,000 died of wounds and infections. 150,000 died of disease in camp. 200,000 maimed. 200,000 deserted. 200,000 still with the Stars and Bars at the end.

21 million people living in states that remained loyal to the Union. 2.3 million served--1.9 million white, 400,000 Black (including Blacks from the Confederate states). 90,000 died in battle. 90,000 died of wounds and infections. 180,000 died of disease in camp. 200,000 maimed.

Mobilizing for a total industrial war is a b*tch when (a) your rich have been investing by buying slaves rather than building factories, and (b) nearly half of your population is more likely than not to turn any guns they get against you...

Missouri sent about 140,000 men to the Union, and about 60,000 to the Confederacy...