Afternoon Must-Read: Matt O'Brien: The Latest Dumb Inflation Argument from a Billionaire
Evening Must-Read: Hal Varian: Big Data

Afternoon Must-Read: Ben Bernanke: "Very Difficult" for ECB to Do QE

Jeff Cox: Ben Bernanke: "Very Difficult" for ECB to Do QE: "'The barriers to doing it...

...are not really economic. The legal and political barriers being thrown up are going to make it very difficult to do that.' Bernanke also fired back at critics of the Fed's own easing programs, accusing them of 'bad economics' for saying that QE... would lead to inflation.... 'There never was any risk of inflation. The economy was in great slack. If anything we were worried about deflation. Four years later there's not a sign of inflation. The dollar is strengthening. They're saying, "Wait another five years, it's going to happen". It's not going to happen.'"