Afternoon Must-Read: Mark Thoma: When Piketty Argued for Income Redistribution, He Changed Economics
Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for November 19, 2014

Afternoon Must-Read: Charles Pierce: Here's Some Stupid For Lunch

What are the odds that future generations will not dismiss the stories of Fred Hiatt's shop at The Washington Post as improbable fictions? When Paul Krugman denounced "opinions of shape of earth differ" journalism, he was making a joke!

Charles Pierce: Here's Some Stupid For Lunch: "The editorial board of The Washington Post [serves up] the absolutely perfect Beltway word-souffle:

[Obama] has tried compromise, and the Republicans spurned him. We will not relitigate that last contention except to note that behind the legislative disappointments of the past six years lies fault on both sides.