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Evening Must-Read: Wolfgang Munchau: The Wacky Economics of Germany’s Parallel Universe

Morning Must-Read: Kevin Drum: People Who Use Obamacare Sure Do Like It

Kevin Drum: People Who Use Obamacare Sure Do Like It: "Jonathan Cohn points us today to a Gallup poll...

...with yet more good news for Obamacare.... The people who are actually using Obamacare... 74 percent said the quality of health care they received was good or excellent, and 71 percent said the overall coverage was good or excellent. What's remarkable is that these numbers are nearly the same as those for everyone else with health insurance, which includes those with either employer coverage or Medicare. Here's the bottom line from Cohn:

You hear a lot about what’s wrong with the coverage available through the marketplaces and some of these criticisms are legitimate. The narrow networks of providers are confusing, for example, and lack of sufficient regulations leaves some patients unfairly on the hook for ridiculously high bills. But overall the plans turn out to be as popular as other forms of private and public insurance. It’s one more sign that, if you can just block out the negative headlines and political attacks, you’ll discover a program that is working.

Republicans can huff and puff all they want, but the evidence is clear: despite its rollout problems, Obamacare is a success...