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William Cohan: A First-Person History Lesson From Robert Rubin: "Asked why he was a Democrat...

...Rubin explained that his grandfather ran ‘the most powerful political club’ in Brooklyn, was a delegate to the 1936 Democratic Convention, and then added:

I’m in more of an eclectic position than most folks. I could have been a moderate Republican or a moderate Democrat, a centrist in either one, except if I look at where I am and then look at the people who are left on the spectrum, I relate to their values and the things that concern them. There are a number of areas where I don’t agree with them... [but] their concern for the poor and their concern for having a society that works for everybody instead of just for a few, the notion that you can’t put people out on their own to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and you have a society that helps people when they need it.