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Over at Equitable Growth: A Decent Monthly Establishment Employment Report This Morning: +214K Jobs: Daily Focus

Over at Equitable Growth:

Employment Situation Summary Table B Establishment data seasonally adjusted

But more important is to look at the Household Report trends: at the 59.2% for the adult employment-to-population ratio:

Employment Situation Summary Table A Household data seasonally adjusted

That means that the past year is the first year--the very first year--of the so-called "recovery" in which the employment-to-population ratio has not flatlined: READ MOAR

Graph Civilian Employment Population Ratio FRED St Louis Fed

This past year is the first year in which we can say that anything like a labor market "recovery" is in process. (Yes, I know population aging--but there is a lot of data suggesting that the real estate crash of 2006-2009 induced a lot of unretirement to keep the voluntarily retired proportion of the adult population roughly constant.)

Of course, we are still very far away from anything like the normal we had grown used to from 1990-2007:

Graph Civilian Employment Population Ratio FRED St Louis Fed

With a 59.2% adult employment-to-population ratio, we have no business having a 5.8% unemployment rate: no business at all:

2014 11 07 Unemployment and Employment since 1990

But it is vastly better than having--as we had last October--a 58.5% employment-to-population ratio