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Clackamas Shooting Memorial


Ceasefire Oregon:

Dear Friends,

Two years ago today, Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth were shot and killed by a gunman who stole an unsecured AR 15 from an irresponsible gun owner. In addition to killing Cindy and Steve, the gunman also shot a young woman who fortunately survived her injuries.

Friday night, we will remember and honor the Yuille and Forsyth families as well as all those who were at Clackamas Town Center on that terrifying day two years ago. We will also remember those lost at Reynolds High School, Sandy Hook, VA Tech, and those lost to domestic violence, gang violence and to suicide.

In the two years since this horrific shooting, I have had the honor to become friends with Cindy Yuille's daughter, Jenna, and Cindy's husband, Robert, as well as Steve's brother-in-law, Paul.

In the weeks following the shooting, I wish you could have seen the courage of Jenna Yuille, who is so young and the strength of Robert Yuille. Paul Kemp, Steve's brother-in-law, has been a true rock for his sister and her family.

In the midst of their grief, within weeks of the shooting, Robert, Paul and Jenna were talking to legislators and activists, working on a way to stop this madness of gun violence that has gripped our communities and our nation. Together, Jenna, Robert, Paul and others formed Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership.

Steve Forsyth and Cindy Yuille will be honored and remembered Friday night by their community but they are cherished and honored every day by the wonderful people they had in their lives.

To Jenna, Robert and Paul: Cindy and Steve would be so proud of you. We all are. You embody courage, strength and dignity.

Our thoughts are with all of you tonight.

Penny, Joanne, Julie, Michael, and everyone at Ceasefire Oregon and the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation.