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Grifters Gotta Grift: Democratic Politician Edition: Live from La Farine


I really would like to understand the thought processes by which anyone would think that raising $900K, giving $100K to family members, and spending $600K on other overhead would be a thing to do...

Kudos to Hunter Walker!

Hunter Walker: Jim Webb Gave Nearly $100,000 In Campaign Donations To His Family: "Jim Webb's family has made quite a bit of money from his political career....

...The Born Fighting PAC... in recent years has paid nearly $100,000 to his wife and daughter.... The committee, which received nearly $1 million in donations... nearly 10% of the contributions received by the PAC went to Webb's family.... Neither Webb Hogan nor Hong Le Webb responded to requests for comment from Business Insider on Monday....

Archived versions of the Born Fighting PAC website indicate it was updated just once this year.... The Born Fighting PAC has only $69,391.84 of the nearly $1 million it received.... Just $200,027.04 of the money donated to the PAC went to political candidates and groups. In other words, Webb's committee used only about 20% of the money it spent to support its stated mission.... In the letter from Webb posted on the committee's site in June, he concluded by asking supporters for further donations. 'If you trust my vision and are able to help, I can pledge to you that I will do my best to help bring greater fairness and a more sensible foreign policy to our country', Webb wrote. 'Your contribution will not be wasted'."