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: Letter from Harry S. Truman to Bess Wallace, December 29, 1914. Family, Business, and Personal Affairs Papers. Truman Papers:

Grandview Dec. 29, 1914

Dear Bess:

Here goes for your Wednesday letter since it looks very much as if I shall stay at home for the most of this week. Tonight the O.E.S. and Masons are going to have a blowout. I am one of the assistant performers as usual at such Grandview doings.

I auctioned off a box supper the other evening for the Grandview school and actually got as much as 3.00 for a box. There were 29 and they brought $23.00. Very good considering that I am not a born auctioneer nor an educated one either.

I understand that Ethel and Nellie and also the Duvalls are coming on the KCS this afternoon. I see right now that my hands are going to be full for one day anyway if not longer.

Several K.C. women of the O.E.S. are coming to the burg this evening and I have a notion they are expecting drayage back in a certain Stafford. I suppose if the wind doesn't blow too much I'll have to accommodate them. If I have a puncture though I shall most certainly make them pump the tire up.

I got home Sunday without a puncture and also took Uncle Harry to town yesterday and got back without a disaster. He began urging me to go to town as early as seven o'clock—I got him in by noon. As soon as he alighted he had to quench his thirst with fire water. About Friday or Saturday I'll have to rescue him again.

I went to the Orpheum after depositing him at 13th. The show was fine except for the fact that one of the chaps got killed a short time before the show began. I was at the wreck immediately after it took place. My seat was in the front row so I had a very good view of the show. The orchestra played a filler for Mr. Dickinson's part. It was very fine. Contained selections from every Grand Opera on the boards.

I met Miss Helen Bryant and a collection of Woodsons, three I think, at the corner of 12th & Main. I suppose you'll have heard of it though before you get this. They'd also been to the Orpheum. It's absolutely necessary to tell where you've been when you're met on 12th west of Main because the chances are two to one in favor of burlesque. You'll have to give it to 12th though when it comes to picture shows. 10th St., Royal and all have to step aside. There's one little old 5 cent show between Grand and Walnut on the south side of the street that has the best shows there are. I've never seen a Pathe weekly or a World travel picture there yet. They have only one fault. On Mondays they will run a continued-next-week but they are so thrilling that they can be tolerated. The one yesterday had a fight on the highest building in San Francisco in which one of the combatants was pitched head first to the sidewalk. It also had a chase through the Fairgrounds. You get all this for the whole sum of five cents too.

I got home at six thirty. The road was nearly impassable. It took me thirty minutes to come from Dodson. Usually I do it in seventeen sometimes twelve.

Everybody here is as crazy over my Christmas present as I am. It is a very good thing for me that they are initialed. They are the finest I ever saw. I've always wanted some like them but have been disappointed every Christmas until this one.

I was over at Nolands the other evening naming over what I got and I couldn't remember what Nellie gave me to save my life. It was silk hose. Ethel gave me a beautiful scarf but I have to buy some clothes to wear it with. If the Nolands take a notion to go home New Years Day I shall start the year right by going home with them, but I'll not stop at their house, provided you will not be away that day.

You owe me a letter anyway really two but one long one will be very acceptable.

Most sincerely,