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NewImageWe here are all old enough and wise enough to know that, whenever somebody's opening bid is blaming-the-victim rather than blaming-the-perpetrator, the primary goal is not to help keep future potential victims from becoming victims.

The primary goal is, rather, to keep victims in their place--and perpetrators in theirs.

Seriously: If the American Enterprise Institute wanted to stop shredding its reputation, it should replace Charles Murray. With David Frum, perhaps?

Over on The Twitter Machine:

@charlesmurray: If you are drunk or high, to what degree can you say you are a victim when something bad happens to you? A question to take seriously.

@jonathanshainin: "Most people know me as a famous racist, but you might also enjoy my work promoting rape culture."

@delong: .@charlesmurray If UR without yr mesnie of 25 armed cap-a-pie, can U say UR a victim when bad things happen? Serious question!

@delong: .@charlesmurray if UR not in full burkha attended by yr father’s 4 eunuch guards, can U say UR a victim when bad things happen? Serious Q!

@delong: .@charlesmurray if U leave the harim & R female, can U say UR a victim when bad things happen? Serious question!

@delong: .@charlesmurray those of us men who actually like women want women to feel as though anyplace we R is a safe space for them

@StephenFrug: @delong @charlesmurray And for "like women" read "have an ounce of decency"

@nicasaurus: @delong @charlesmurray What if U R in a coma?

@delong: .@charlesmurray cross-burning thug…

@huzzahmpls: Everything you wanted to know about Charles Murray but were afraid to ask ($289 on lunch!) @delong @charlesmurray

@arosaen: So much for collegiality among public intellectuals-->"@delong: .@charlesmurray cross-burning thug…"

@delong: .@arosaen "cross-burning thug" is just descriptive, not evaluative... @charlesmurray

@BellCV: @delong @charlesmurray When a person is impaired does he lose his property rights? No, we hold that dear. Shd bodies receive less protection?

@nicasaurus: @BellCV @delong @charlesmurray Bell throws Murray a curve. Neat.

BellCV: @nicasaurus @delong Haha. Thanks! His logic threw me for a loop so that seems fair.

@mumbly_joe: @delong If you're black and in the same town as @charlesmurray after sunset, isn't it also sort of YOUR fault what happens next? Super-srs Q

@delong: .@mumbly_joe seriously: we're @charlesmurray to get drunk & somebody rape him, it would be horrible & not his fault at all...