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Noted for Your Nighttime Procrastination for January 28, 2015

Hoisted from the Archives: Special David Gelernter and Michael Kinsley Feel-Bad Piece of the Month of July 2005

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The feel-bad piece from the month of July 2005 is, of course, David Gelernter and his editor Michael Kinsley, beating out--mirabile visu!--even the works of Donald Luskin.

Here's the quote from David Gelernter, the thing that Michael Kinsley thought worth spending the Los Angeles Times's space on back in July of 2005. I put it below the fold. Don't look at it unless you are willing to be triggered:

David Gelernter:

You might argue that dark-skinned people are a special case, given the way the United States has treated them. I agree--we have treated them so solicitously, and worked so hard to suppress racial prejudice, that dark-skinned people owe their country the benefit of the doubt...