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Estelle Sommeiller and Mark Price: The Increasingly Unequal States of America: Income Inequality by State, 1917 to 2012 * Charles Pierce: [Potential Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Has A Lot To Say About The Democratic Party Appealing More To White People * David Cay Johnston: Economy Grows Incomes Shrink * Michael Kruse: Jeb 'Put Me Through Hell’ * Walter Bagehot: The English Constitution * .@jonathanchait “One… response would be 2 defend these practices… [my] critics chose [not to]” NOT TRUE! Your Your critics say that #RIPpatriarchy twitter hashtag a fine, convincing, and appropriate way of answering Hanna Rosin’s “The Patriarchy Is Dead. Feminists, accept it” trolling. If you don’t engage your actual critics, you’ll lose this round. Do you really think a #RIPpatriarchy hashtag an inappropriate response to Hanna Rosin’s “The Patriarchy Is Dead” #slatepitch? & that creation of a virtual social community of people reassuring themselves that no, contrary to what Slate said, “patriarchy” was still very much alive—that is, somehow, a bad thing in your view? * .@jonathanchait You say “social media herd simplicity” is a bad thing, and it happens when people think that because @HannaRosin writes an article titled “The Patriarchy Is Dead. Feminists, accept it”, she is trying to get them to accept the idea patriarchy is dead. Thus @HannaRosin is oppressed by people taking her words to mean what they say. You are aware that you’ve gotten into Monty Python territory here? The point of #slatepitch is to provoke reaction. It did. Full stop. * Reminder: When @jonathanchait says “the PC movement”, he means everything from: “Mireille Miller-Young... angered by the [anti-abortion] sign… snatched the sign, took it back to her office to destroy it, and shoved one of the Short sisters..." to “The next Clinton presidential campaign... [Hillary Rodham] Clinton enters... in a much stronger position... her supporters may find it irresistible to amplify p.c. culture’s habit of interrogating the hidden gender biases in every word and gesture against their side…” In Chait's envisioning, these are two ends of a single Monstrous Regiment of Women and others that needs to be opposed... * @DaveWuzzHere: @MarkHalperin you're really bad at your job, huh? @MarkHalperin: To be clear: I don't know what @MittRomney will say this morning, but every talk I've had w/ Mitt World leads me to believe he will run. @dparkinson: With this remarkable insight from @MarkHalperin, it's clear why "Mitt World" advisers were off track in 2012. @imillhiser: #Oracle MT @MarkHalperin: I don't know what @MittRomney will say but every talk I've had w/ Mitt World leads me to believe he will run. * MaxSpeak: Blogs are so over * Belle Waring: "If someone would like to write an intelligent, detailed article about stifling political correctness in a specific online milieu of twitter users and feminist tumblrs, or whatever, WITH LINKS, they should do that, and then we can talk about that. But Chait didn’t write anything like that at all. There’s no reason I should extend him so much argumentative charity that I go bankrupt over here constructing his argument for him. It’s like trying to make an Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks in Pre-K, and my partner on the project uses each stick in turn like a nacho to eat paste off of, and then just hands them to me all slimy. I have better things to do." * Ricardo Hausmann: Redistribution or Inclusion? * Saul DeGraw: Scam PACs Open Thread * Robert Waldmann: Comment on "What Failed in 2008?" * Paul Krugman: Whitewashing the Crazy, Fed Edition * Aristotle: Slavery or Technology? From Politics * Justin Wolfers @JustinWolfers on Twitter: What This Morning's U.S. Wage Numbers Mean * Paul Krugman: Europe’s Greek Test * Alan S. Blinder: Beware of Woolly-Minded Attacks on the Fed * Avery Palmer: States with Weak Gun Laws and Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Deaths, New Data for 2013 Confirms * Jeet Heer: The New Republic's Legacy on Race: From Du Bois to the Bell Curve * Peter Weinhart: "Augustine is the first to address rape victims with consolatio, and in so doing he turns consolation into social critique: [Melanie Webb] ‘his consolation cannot simply be an exhortation to rape-survivors to re-orient themselves within a society that regards them with shaming suspicion. It must also be an admonition to civil leaders to re-orient society toward rape-survivors as dignified women without requiring "proof" of innocence. Augustine initiates his project of social criticism through the genre of consolatio’..." * Michelle Goldberg: Jonathan Chait and the New PC * Jaume Ventura: Capital in the 21st Century * Glenn Greenwald: "I fundamentally agree with Jill Filipovic’s reaction: ‘There is a good and thoughtful piece to be written about language policing & ‘PC’ culture online and in academia. [Jonathan Chait's] was not it...’" * Daniel Davies (2012): The Christmas Sermon 2012--“On Not Believing In Canada” * As Safe as Houses * Jeet Heer: "The Bell Curve was perhaps the most impactful, and unfortunate, example of the magazine’s embrace of [The New Republic's racial mythmaking..." * Jeet Heer: "Roughly half of the 28 Post staffers Shalit interviewed wrote in to say that she had either lied about what they told her or misrepresented them; The New Republic printed only a fraction of these complaints..." * Paul Krugman: Those Radical VSPs * Mark Ames: Andrew Sullivan is not the Future of Journalism * Fredrik deBoer: I don’t know what to do, you guys * Joseph E. Stiglitz: Europe’s Lapse of Reason * Steve M.: Kathleen Paker: The Republicans Forced Palin to Embarrass Herself * Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Martin (2011): "We love Palin..." * Joe Romm: The Climate Science Behind New England's Historic Blizzard * Dietz Vollrath: cite>[Techno-Neutrality * Phillip Rucker: "If he runs again in 2016, Romney is determined to re-brand himself as authentic..." <--Greatest line ever! * Yanis Varoufakis: Finance Ministry slows blogging down but ends it not * Christopher Neely: "The strong market reactions to the Federal Reserve’s suggestion that it would taper its asset purchases are consistent with the similarly strong reactions—in the opposite direction—to unexpected Federal Reserve asset purchase announcements. The lesson from the taper tantrum is that the QE programs have had the desired effect on asset prices, suggesting that the purchases have influenced output, employment, and inflation expectations in the desired direction." * Tim Duy: While We Wait For Yet Another FOMC Statement * Loren Adler: What the CBO Budget Outlook says about the ACA * Martin Wolf: "Creditors have a moral responsibility to lend wisely. If they fail to do due diligence on their borrowers, they deserve what is going to happen. In the case of Greece, the scale of the external deficits, in particular, were obvious. So, too, was the way the Greek state was run..." * Freddie de Boer: The Condescending Neoliberal Dicknose Is Right! To a Degree * Alan Beattie: Greece: the case against ‘structural reform’ * Jamelle Bouie: The Imaginary 'Moynihan Report' * William Cohan: "These gifts to Wall Street came without a requirement that it change any of the most fundamental aspects of the way it does business..." * Steven J. Davis and Till von Wachter (2011): Recessions and the Costs of Job Loss * Gary Legum: Ron Paul Escapes Tethers In Son’s Basement, Heads To Fun Secession Conference For Fun * Kenneth Vogel: "Since the tea party burst onto the political landscape in 2009, the conservative movement has been plagued by an explosion of PACs that... exist mostly to pad the pockets of the consultants who run them... plow most of their cash back into payments to consulting firms for additional fundraising efforts..." * 2009: Berkeley Political Economy 101: Reference Document DRAFT * 2009: Berkeley Political Economy 100: Reference Document DRAFT * Matthew Yglesias: The Rent is Too Damn High Guy Is Getting Evicted from His Rent-Controlled Apartment * Mark Thoma: Taxing the Wealthy Promotes Economic Growth * Simon Wren-Lewis: Post Recession Lessons * W. Arthur Lewis * John Holbo (2003): Dead Right * Ogged: Have We Talked About Number Needed to Treat? * Jesus McQueen: "I thought the post might say something more controversial than 'Economists are amoral, Mammon-worshipping robots.'" * Dylan Matthews: For the last time: poor people didn't cause the financial crisis * Dean Baker: Did Cutting the Duration of Unemployment Benefits Lead to Faster Job Growth in 2014? * Wayne Glauser (1990): Three Approaches to Locke and the Slave Trade * Heather Boushey: On "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" * Greg Sargent: Republican State Officials Cast Doubts on Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit * Cindra Ladd: "I only revealed nine years ago what happened that night to my husband of nearly 30 years after another woman went public with similar allegations and sued Cosby. I always thought I was the only one. I couldn't believe he had done this to others. I told my story to our attorney, who is also a good friend, because I was considering going public then, but eventually chose not to because the case was settled." * Stephanie Lo and Kenneth Rogoff: Secular Stagnation, Debt Overhang, and Other Rationales for Sluggish Growth, Six Years on * Nick Bunker: Did Credit Replace Wage Growth in the Mid-2000s? * Brian Buetler: Repealing Obamacare Would Be Immoral * Andrew Kaczynski: Ben Carson Advocated Partial Government Health Care Takeover In His 2012 Book * Jared Bernstein: Technocrats know how to fix the economy. And they did * Simon Wren-Lewis: Alternative Eurozone Histories * Dean Baker: "Several readers sen[t] me a blogpost from Scott Sumner saying... Keynesians have been dishonest... not owning up to... [their] predicting a recession in 2013.... I certainly agreed that budget cutbacks and the end of the payroll tax cuts would dampen growth, but the number was between 0.5-0.8 percentage points. This left us far from recession..." * Luke Brinker: "Look no further than Europe's economic mess for a lesson in the folly of austerity..." * Via Mark Thoma: Francis Saraceno: Who are the Radicals in Europe? * Mark Thoma: "Jamie Galbraith in interviewed by Roger Strassburg on the upcoming Greek election and the prospects and consequences of a possible Syriza government" * Arun Garg: Value Investing as Software Eats the World * Andrea Matranga: Climate-driven technical change: seasonality and the invention of agriculture * Ann Friedman: Can We Solve Our Child-Care Problem? * Heather Boushey: The leap not taken: Wage growth | * Lizardbreath: Back On The Veldt, People Who Didn't Attribute Innate Personality Differences To Gender Were All Eaten By Wolves. What Were Wolves Doing On The Veldt? Who Can Tell? * Barry Eichengreen: Hall of Mirrors [Audio] * David Corn: "Romney appears to have been body-snatched—perhaps by the ghost of Ted Kennedy.... What's next? Supporting gay rights, gun control, and abortion rights? (Or, in his case, going back to supporting gay rights, gun control, and abortion rights)..." * Danielle Kurtzleben: How working women, cheap cars, and Starbucks killed carpooling *Dan Lyons : Unicorn Bloodbath: VC Bill Gurley Sounds The Alarm, Again * Chris Mooney: The Midwest’s climate future: Missouri becomes like Arizona, Chicago becomes like Texas * John Kasich: Medicaid Expansion * Tim Urban: The AI Revolution: Road to Superintelligence Doctorow: GOP senator Joni Ernst who boasted about her family's self-reliance received $460K in federal subsidies * Mark Wilson: The Upshot * David Edwards: GOP Rep. Tom McClintock: Keep minimum wage low ‘for minorities’ who aren’t worth more than $7 an hour... * Barry Eichengreen: Time to get serious about bank reform: After the financial crisis, governments staved off a second Great Depression--too well. This triumph let them duck tough reforms... * Tim Duy: Policy Divergence * Paul Krugman: Insiders, Outsiders, and U.S. Monetary Policy * The Earl Grey Tea House * Mario Draghi: "There must be a statute of limitations for those who say there will be inflation..." * Seumas Milne: The Davos oligarchs are right to fear the world they’ve made * Stuart Kemp: Economist Appoints Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor * Henry Farrell: The Peripheral * @lorcanrk: On ECB QE * Carter Price: What have we learned about the ACA over the last year? * Joseph Heath: Why People Hate Economics, in One Lesson * Russ Britt: "Roughly 6.3 million people... will drop their Obamacare coverage or face using as much as half of their income for health insurance if a Supreme Court ruling dismantles subsidies in states that haven’t established their own exchanges... nearly two-thirds of those who lose subsidies are white Southerners, and nearly half have full-time jobs..." * Dean Baker: Betting Against Subprime Mortgages Was a Good Thing * * Paul Krugman: "Hubbard is defending... the 2003 cuts in tax rates on dividends and long-term capital gains... all it did was boost payouts to shareholders.... Two-thirds of the benefits from the dividend tax cut went to the top 1 percent..." * Paul Krugman: "Obama wasn’t exactly able to claim morning in America... but he was able to talk about success and moving forward.... Why the difference?... On the secular stagnation front... the euro area’s working-age population peaked in 2009.... Aggregate euro-area fiscal policy has been substantially tighter than in the US.... On the monetary side Europe zagged when America zigged... behaved throughout as if debt and inflation were the overwhelming risks.... Europe’s woes are no mystery, although it’s hard to allocate the blame; policy did everything wrong, so it’s hard to tell which wrongness mattered most..." * Robert Skidelsky: The Fall of the House of Samuelson * Rob Valetta: Higher Education, Wages, and Polarization * Tony Yates: ECB QE. Much too Late and Not to Be Counted on * Emily Badger: Now we know how many drivers Uber has, and how much money they’re making​ * Justin Fox: CEO inanity, at the Davos World Economic Forum and beyond * A Moderate House Republican: "Week one, we had a Speaker election that didn't go as well as a lot of us would have liked. Week two, we spent a lot of time talking about deporting children, a conversation a lot of us didn't want to have. Week three, we're debating reportable rape and incest--again, not an issue a lot of us wanted to have a conversation about. I just can't wait for week four..." * Simon Wren-Lewis: Encouraging Dialogue * David Keohane: ECB QE guesswork, cut out and keep edition * Davos DeVille (@DavosDeville) | Twitter: Socialite, charity patron and non-executive director, Dynamic Emerging Strategic Opportunities (Guam) LLP. If found, please return to @ftalpha * Cristobal Kay: Why East Asia Overtook Latin America: Agrarian Reform, Industrialisation and Development * Paul Ford: "One of the things nerds love to do is look at other people’s stacks and say, ‘what a house of cards!’ In fact I fully expect people to link to this article and write things like, ‘sounds okay, but they should have used Jizzawatt with the Hamstring extensions and Graunt.ns for all their smexing’..." * Alexandra Brodsky: "The criminal law-inspired alternatives... are counterproductive.... They ignore that campus assaults are addressed not to vindicate the rights of the state but as part of a civil rights regime to promote gender equity in education..." * Barry Eichengreen: Europeans Need to Reconsider the Lessons of the Great Depression * Lawrence Delevingne: Manager 'truly sorry' for blowing up hedge fund * Daily Bafflements: "Forbes Magazine’s tips on How to Become a Thought Leader include keeping a journal, liberally using LinkedIn, and practicing your speeches on your cat before you try them on people..." * Paul Krugman: A Tale of Two Pegs * Nick Bunker: Taxation in the Name of Equity * Robert Waldmann: Debates * Jon Faust: "The argument is made that there should be a press conference after every meeting, and the case for this at present is as compelling as it has ever been..." * Paul de Grauwe: Quantitative Easing and the Euro Zone: The Sad Consequences of the Fear of QE * Martin Wolf: Chronic Economic and Political Ills Defy Easy Cure * John Schmitt (2013): The Minimum Wage: Catching up to Productivity * Cheryl Addy: We Can Now Read What's Written On Rolls Of Papyrus Buried By Vesuvius * Shane Ferro: Robots Won't Save Us From Secular Stagnation * Bill Gale: "President Obama’s new proposal to tax capital gains at death is a welcome change that would close a huge loophole.... [But] for some assets, it would be a record-keeping nightmare.... There is an easy fix.... We should allow taxpayers to have a ‘standard basis’... 20% percent of current asset value..." * Timur Kuran: The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East * Nick Bunker: Capital taxation: What is it good for? * Danny Yagan: Capital Taxes and the Real Economy: The 2003 Dividend Tax Cut * Paul Krugman: The European Scene * Noah Smith: "5 Questions About the 'Victory' of the Right: 5. Did the Left Win the Economics Debate Over 1900s-1930s, and since then Left and Right Have Been Haggling Over Details?" * Kansas Center for Economic Growth Weblog * Simon Wren-Lewis: When Central Bank Losses Matter * Austin Frakt: NICE’s application of cost-effectiveness threshold(s) * Charles Pierce: Ron Fournier's Idiocy Reappears As He Attempts To Counsel President Obama On Progress And Partisan Gains * Emily Badger: "Uber and Lyft have become so popular so quickly in large part because they've filled a big gap in the urban transportation market. The smartphone-enabled ride services have offered more predictability than cabs, faster travel than transit, and fewer hassles--no parking, for one--than personal cars..." * Tim Murphy: Mike Huckabee’s PAC Paid His Family Almost $400,000 * Jamelle Bouie: Robert E. Lee Day * Lauren Davis: [He Went In For A Tune-Up And Came Out With A Full Cerebral Upgrade * Peter Brown (2013): Recovering Submerged Worlds * Mark Joseph Stern: American Sniper Lawsuit: Chris Kyle Told Lies About Jesse Ventura * Barry Eichengreen: Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, The Great Recession, and the Uses-and Misuses-of History * Willem Buiter: The SNB, the Exchange-Rate Peg, and the Interest-Rate ZLB: Much food for thought here... * James Hamilton: "The [SNB] just wanted to try something different. But I confess that it is a great mystery to me why.... This has to be a major hit to Swiss exports and tourism, leave the SNB with little credibility and negative capital... cause significant financial disruptions... around the world." * Ben Friedman: "James Tobin often remarked that there are worse things than three percent inflation, and from time to time we have them. Indeed, we just did. In the same vein, there are worse things than sovereign debt defaults, and from time to time we have them too. They are in progress as we meet." * Ezra Klein: Why Republicans Can't Replace ObamaCare: "For all the plans floating around, there's little evidence Republicans care enough about health reform to pay its [political and budgetary] cost..." * C. Kirabo Jackson et al.: The Effects of School Spending on Educational and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from School Finance Reforms * Jenée Desmond-Harris: The Poor People's Campaign: the little-known protest MLK was planning when he died * Robert Reich: The New Compassionate Conservatism and Trickle-Down Economics * Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1935): "Today a hope of many years’ standing is in large part fulfilled..." * Steven Miner: Review of Roger Moorhouse: 'The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact With Stalin, 1939-41': "In his closing chapters, Moorhouse persuasively shows how the USSR did not effectively use the twenty-two months of their pact with Hitler to prepare for an invasion, and how Stalin misread the many intelligence warnings he received..." * John Holbo: The Race Card, Circa 1871: Jon Chait and Stephen Budiansky on post-Civil War Democratic complaints that Republicans were "waving the bloody shirt" as the original false-flag propaganda defense of ongoing anti-Black violence... * Munilass: A Defense of Disruption as a Cultural Phenomenon: "Wieseltier.... Isn't it possible both to resent... drones, mindlessly copying and pasting articles and co-opting narratives, but still be excited about the democratization of ideas?... Disruption is not the same thing as nihilism. Moreover, nihilism wasn't invented in the 21st century..." * Snowdonia Cheese Company