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Evening Must-Read: Deane Barker: Breaking the Web

Evening Must-Read: Deane Barker: Breaking the Web: "I absolutely loved this New York Times column...

which lamented... apps... [with no] capability to link....

Unlike web pages, mobile apps do not have links. They do not have web addresses. They live in worlds by themselves, largely cut off from one another and the broader Internet. And so it is much harder to share the information found on them.

Yes, yes, for the love of God yes. We have broken HTTP... a good specification which we’ve steadily whittled away.... A core understanding of HTTP should be a base requirement for working in this business.  To not do that is to ignore a massive part of digital history (which we’re also very good at).... Narcissism runs rampant in this industry, and our willingness to throw away and ignore some of the core philosophies of HTTP is just one manifestation of this.  Rant over.