Afternoon Must-Read: Simon Wren-Lewis: Endogenous Supply and Depressed Demand
Noted for Your Nighttime Procrastination for February 19, 2015

Evening Must-Read: The Hamilton Project: Future of Work Event: Tweets

The Hamilton Project (@hamiltonproj) | Twitter:

You can watch the full #FutureOfWork forum on @cspan
That concludes our #FutureOfWork event.Thanks to our panelists for a great discussion. Visit for video & audio

Who is going to be technologically displaced if machines take away labor jobs? That's a social problem, concludes @LauraDTyson #FutureOfWork
'US has great incentives to do #research, but weak incentives to create #jobs and keep profits here' - @LauraDTyson #labor #FutureOfWork
Given nature of tech changes, a lot is not going to measurable unless you figure what the output is, @LauraDTyson asks panel #FutureOfWork
Prabhakar of @DARPA: A lot of new tech we develop will only be used by DOD, but some depends on grad students, new businesses, entrepreneurs
Maybe the goal in business isn't to be the next @Google, but to be bought by Google, says @JHaltiwanger_UM discussing new business models
.@JHaltiwanger_UM notes that declining econ dynamism means decreased ability of labor mrkt to absorb workers displaced by tech #FutureOfWork
Audience Question: Is one challenge with business innovation related to increasing shareholder wealth? #FutureOfWork
.@JHaltiwanger_UM: One misleading statistic is on research & development of new technology and business innovation #FutureOfWork
.@LauraDTyson: Let's think about technological advancements in terms of distribution. How do we allow everyone to get these opportunities?
.@LauraDTyson: What countries are surpassing us in business dynamism? @JHaltiwanger_UM doesn't believe we're too behind #FutureOfWork
.@JHaltiwanger_UM discusses how occupational licensing stifles business innovation & dynamism. Read our new paper:
'I love @Uber because it's bringing #jobs in demand back' - @amcafee @hamiltonproj #FutureOfWork #businessinnovation
Being analytical & 'geeky' is a better way to quantify human capital and labor, says @amcafee #FutureOfWork
.@amcafee Discusses how @Uber is a great, innovative business for creating labor, earning wages #FutureOfWork
Prabhakar make important point: tech is much more than IT. 'Makers' & 3D printing; synthetic biology; materials; neurology. #FutureOfWork
Through intersecting science & technology, @DARPA is able to 'free the brain from the limitations of the body' says Prabhakar #FutureOfWork
Major area of research that @DARPA is excited about is intersecting biology & physical science w/ tech science, says Prabhakar #FutureOfWork
It's important to find different ways to make these new tech tools available to lots of people, says Prabhakar of @DARPA. #FutureOfWork
Prabhakar of @DARPA: The word 'technology's is used synonymously w/ information. Technology is much more broader than that. #FutureOfWork
.@LauraDTyson asks:To what extent are these amazing changes in technology, that are labor displacing, are discouraging the entrepreneurship?
@hamiltonproj: Robots could snag a lead role in ec debate, says @jimtankersley, featuring new @hamiltonProj work 
.@JHaltiwanger_UM Maybe the business model in the US has changed & we don't have to do so much experimentation. #FutureOFWork
.@JHaltiwanger_UM The US has been flexible & fluid in these changing economic times by moving workers to new productive places #FutureOfWork
We'll be back momentarily w/ our second #FutureOfWork panel: @amcafee of @MITSloan, @JHaltiwanger_UM, the Director of @DARPA & @LauraDTyson

Great first #FutureOfWork panel w/ @LHSummers, @aneeshchopra, @erikbryn & David Autor
.@LHSummers:'We have to think carefully about what the alternative to work is & how meaning & community are found in the absence of work.'
Audience Question: Can growth of technology lead to shorter work wk w/o affecting wages? #FutureOFWork
David Autor of @MIT: We should think of globalization & technology working hand in hand at this point #FutureOfWork
If you're just joining us, we are live tweeting from our event on the #FutureOfWork in the Machine Age. Tweet your questions!
.@LHSummers argues we need more demand in labor market, not just more training. #FutureOfWork
#FutureOfWork panel turns to discussion on importance of education in the age of the machine
Do we need to rethink our social contract & policy to help those people left behind in the Machine Age? asks Melissa Kearney #FutureOfWork
Melissa Kearney asks: Will a sufficient amount of people acquire skills & talents to economically prosper in the machine age? #FutureOfWork
A challenge is that people can see disemployment caused by new technology before the impact on productivity, says @LHSummers #FutureOfWork
What do smart machines, robotics & digitization mean for the #FutureOfWork? Read the latest paper from @hamiltonproj:
.@LHSummers notes the growth of unemployment of men, & availability of jobs. Is it due to technology, globalization, policy? #FutureOfWork
When a sector has rapid technological progress but the world can absorb only so much, does it become unimportant? @LHSummers discusses w/ us
.@LHSummers: On one hand we're convinced of the pervasiveness of technology, & on other hand the productivity proof is dismal. #FutureOfWork
The democratization of entrepreneurship is the most exciting thing I've seen, says @aneeshchopra discussing the impact of new technology.
We are now opening big sectors like health care, edu to technology, increasing the productivity, says @aneeshchopra #FutureOfWork
.@aneeshchopra: Health care, energy & edu have not been as plugged into new technology until recently, now new incentives #FutureOfWork
David Autor: What matters is how rapidly technology changes. #FutureOfWork
Our first #FutureOfwork panel is up featuring David Autor of @MIT, @LHSummers, @aneeshchopra & @erikbryn

'We ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to technological progress,' says @amcafee #FutureOfWork
.@erikbryn: Technology is a tool. We should use this tool to create shared prosperity. #FutureOfWork
.@erikbryn How we use technology is important to remember. Is has the potential to create enormous wealth w/o as much work. #FutureOfWork
There's no economic law that tech growth will benefit everyone equally. Some people will be left behind, says @erikbryn #FutureOfWork
Now LIVE on C-SPAN3: Technology and the workplace #FutureOfWork .. via @BrookingsInst & @hamiltonproj
Great improvements in machine intelligence in uniquely human traits like language, writing, muscle, says @erikbryn #FutureOfWork
.@erikbryn discusses The Great Decoupling of U.S productivity, GDP, employment & income & how technology & machine has impacted this.
One of Roger Altman's takeaways from @erikbryn & @amcafee book about Machine Age: The effects will cause considerable economic disruption.
@hamiltonproj and we are off :) honored to join @LHSummers on the future of work

Bob Rubin: Will the growth in technology lead to a basic change in our lifestyle, with less work and more leisure? #FutureOfWork
New business formation in the U.S. has decreased significantly. Bob Rubin asks: Is that relevant to business dynamism? #FutureOfWork
Policies focused on edu, job creation, productivity, & research improve the direction of the American worker, says Bob Rubin #FutureOfWork

How will rapid technological change impact the economy & the #FutureOfWork? Read a new @hamiltonproj paper: 
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