Leon Trotsky's Not-Entirely-Reliable-Narrator View of Lenin's New Economic Policy of the 1920s
Morning Must-Read: Òscar Jordà, Moritz Schularick, and Alan Taylor: Monetary Policy and Housing Prices: Lessons from 140 Years

Liveblogging History: 299 BC


Wikipedia: 299 BC:

  • Mediterranean: The Samnites, seizing their chance when Rome is engaged on the Lombard plain, start the third Samnite War with a collection of mercenaries from Gaul, Sabine, and Etruscan allies to help them.

  • China: The state of Qin attacks eight cities of the state of Chu. Chu then sends an envoy to ask the King of Huai to go to Qin to negotiate peace. Qu Yuan risks his life to go up to the court to persuade the King of Huai not to go to the negotiation. King Wuling of Zhao abdicates the throne of Zhao to his son.