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Liveblogging World War II: February 14, 1945: FDR


February 14th, 1945 - FDR: Day by Day:

10:20am: The USS Murphy stood in from the south. The USS Murphy had been sent to Jidda, Saudi Arabia a port on the Red Sea, to provide transportation for Saudi Arabian King Ibn Saud to Great Bitter Lake for his forthcoming conference with FDR. USS Quincy, Egypt

10:30am: Mrs. John Boettiger left the ship to spend the day in Cairo, Egypt. USS Quincy, Egypt

11:20am: The USS Murphy came alongside and moored port side to the USS Quincy. The destroyer's decks, usually stripped, were covered with Oriental carpets and gold-gilded chairs were scattered about the decks. King Ibn Saud sat on one of these chairs. The King's entourage numbered 48 people (complete list in Annex B.) Although a cabin was assigned the King, awnings were rigged in tent-like style and King Ibn Saud lived there at night because he preferred to live outdoors. USS Quincy, Egypt

11:30am: King Ibn Saud and his party (listed in log) came on board the USS Quincy to call on FDR. The USS Quincy manned the rail and accorded the King full honors. After greetings had been exchanged, FDR and the King setlled down to conversations. Col. W. A. Eddy, USMC (ret.), Minister to Saudi Arabia, accompanied the King and acted as interpreter. Annex C is a memorandum of their conversations. USS Quincy, Egypt

12:30pm: Lt. W. K. Kloock, USN, White House courier, left the ship with official mail, to proceed to Washington, DC by air. During the forenoon (before the King's arrival on board), FDR visited the post exchange, set up in the Flag Cabin by officers from USAFIME, and purchased several souvenirs. USS Quincy, Egypt

1:30pm: FDR was host at luncheon to King Ibn Saud, Princes Abdullah, Mohammed and Mansour, Adm. William D. Leahy, Col. Eddy and Charles E. Bohlen. Because of space limitations, the four ministers and the Doctor dined in the Flag Cabin together with Adm's. Ross T. McIntire and Wilson Brown, Mr. Early and Capt. Senn. USS Quincy, Egypt

2:09pm: Min. Tuck and Gen. Giles came on board to confer briefly with FDR. After lunch, FDR and King Ibn Saud continued their discussions. Other members of the King's party were taken on a tour around the cruiser. USS Quincy, Egypt

3:37pm: King Ibn Saud returned to the USS Murphy, receiving full honors at his departure. He traveled more than 800 mi. to meet FDR. It was the first time that he had ever left his country. This gesture was interpreted by his party as an unprecedented honor for FDR. The King, FDR, and their respective parties exchanged gifts (specified in log). It was also decided to present gifts to King Farouk of Egypt, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. USS Quincy, Egypt

3:39pm: Min. Tuck and Gen. Giles left the ship. Mrs. John Boettiger returned to the ship. USS Quincy, Egypt

3:40pm: The USS Murphy departed from alongside the USS Quincy and anchored in Great Bitter Lake. USS Quincy, Egypt

3:47pm: A Suez Canal pilot (Mr. Harvey) came on board the USS Quincy. USS Quincy, Egypt

3:58pm: The USS Quincy got underway for Alexandria, Egypt via the Suez and Port Said, Egypt. USS Quincy, Egypt

8:00pm: FDR and members of his mess attended movies in the flag cabin. The feature picture was 'Irish Eyes are Smiling.' USS Quincy

10:00pm: The USS Quincy laid to momentarily in Port Said, Egypt Harbor while the Suez Canal pilot left the ship. USS Quincy

10:40pm: The USS Quincy passed through the Port Said, Egypt submarine net-gate and out into the Mediterranean. The party was scheduled to rendezvous with the USS Frankford and Baldwin here, but had arrived early and they were not yet on station. It was decided that the USS Quincy would proceed on and the destroyers were directed to join the party enroute Alexandria, Egypt. USS Quincy

10:42pm: Set speed of 15 knots. USS Quincy

11:30pm: Changed speed to 18 knots. The USS Quincy was now steaming on various courses while conforming to the prescribed routing to Alexandria, Egypt. Physical description and religious background of King Ibn Saud noted in log. Log summarizes other aspects of the King's visit. USS Quincy

ER: In New York, NY

Houseguest: Miss Lorena Hickok (dep. 4:45)