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Liveblogging World War II: February 28, 1945: Food in the Low Countries

George C. Marshall: 5-045 Memorandum for the President:


SUBJECT: Food Relief for Belgium and Liberated Holland.

General Eisenhower informed us in his message (SCAF 210) that a serious situation exists in the 21st Army Group (Montgomery’s command) area by reason of retarded deliveries of civilian supplies and urgently requested that 100,000 tons of food be made available immediately from UK stocks for the 21st Army Group.

In an exchange of messages between the Combined Chiefs of Staff and General Eisenhower it developed that a total of 109,000 tons of supplies were required. Provision has already been made for approximately half of this.

The problem of meeting the remaining 69,000 tons is now being considered in London. If the 69,000 tons are taken from the stockpile now being held in England against Dutch requirements, which is the probable course, it will be necessary to secure replacement from the UK stockpile in order to protect Eisenhower against anticipated Dutch needs.

It is recommended that you communicate with the Prime Minister and there is attached a draft of such a message.

President Roosevelt sent the message as drafted to Prime Minister Churchill on February 28:

I hope you will see your way clear to have the U.K. agree to replace the Dutch B-2 stockpile to the extent required to protect SCAEF against anticipated Dutch civilian supply needs