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April Fools' Festival, Day XVIII: Andrew Golis Finds Ashley Parker and Alexander Burns of the New York Times Clowning Around

Andrew Golis: Twitter:

@agolis: What an insidious and stupid formulation


@agolis: Notice the way it subtly precludes the possibility that anything 'divisive' or 'ideological' could be in the state or local interest. And the way that it broadly grants the idea that Schumer's advocacy on behalf of business interests is in the state and local interest.

@michaelbd: @agolis Spoken like a really divisive ideologue who hates New York, Andrew.

@michaelbd: @agolis What’s good For Wall Street is good. Finis. Anyone who disagrees is probably some nobody from upstate.

@agolis; @michaelbd and nothing worth doing is ever something people intensely disagree about.

@root_e: @agolis @msbellows NYTimes is into the consensus of people who buy or sell $10M and up condos.

@agolis: @jmartNYT @michaelbd there are so many intense value judgments baked into that. why not say 'Schumer has cannily maintained broad support w an econ agenda amenable to Wall St & Main St biz interests'?