Regional Economics and Living Standards: Portland OR vs. Kansas City MO/KS: Focus

Nighttime Must-Read: Charles Stenholm: How Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan would make this Congress work: "Tip O'Neill... could have insisted that any bill coming out of his chamber have a majority of Democrats supporting it....

...[But he told [Reagan]... not that Democrats would necessarily vote for what the president wanted, but that we would allow the House to work its will.... I will suggest three critical areas of focus in order to follow the template of Tip and the Gipper.... (1) Pass a budget.... Even if it were 100 percent partisan, it would still be very illuminating for the voters in November 2016. Defending serious, recorded votes has been missing lately in the political process.... (2) Pass a comprehensive immigration bill.... It is vital...we have a new, enforceable, comprehensive immigration system... working with--not against--our neighbor to the south. (3) Address the issues that are making it harder for some folks to vote. Voting should be easy, not hard. If money is equivalent to speech, then at least make it transparent so the people know whose money and/or mouth the speech is coming from....

Tip and the Gipper... marginalized the wingnuts of their parties and allowed compromise to happen. Why not at least try it their way for one year?...

I am impressed. Ex-member of the House of Representatives Charles Stenholm twists the knife by adopting the rhetoric of the "opinions of shape of earth differ" neo-Broderites to call for Congress to pass and the President to sign two bills that are Democratic priorities:

  • Immigration reform.
  • Voter enrollment.

And for the Republican Congress to put itself on record with either veto-bait that will alienate the center or to disappoint its base by passing:

  • A Budget Resolution.

Nicely trolled, Charlie!