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Across the Wide Missouri: Corey Robin: Lefty Profs Use Lefty Buzzwords to Break Strikes: "McGill’s Women’s and Sexual Diversity Studies Student’s Association are striking against austerity....

...The students write in a letter published by The New Inquiry, the faculty condemned the students.... Lefty professor using lefty buzzwords (‘anti-feminist’; I don’t consider ‘bullying’ or even ‘intimidation’ to be part of the left’s particular--or in the case of ‘divisive,’ preferred--vocabulary) to condemn student strikes: it’s an old story, and it ain’t pretty. Though in this case I wonder if the professors realize they’re taking a position considerably to the right of Hayek. He only said that pickets were a form of coercion and intimidation, but he never went so far as to say they were in and of themselves violence.