Liveblogging World War II: April 23, 1945: Edward Stettinius to Harry S. Truman

Across the Wide Missouri: Raymond Bonner: After 9/11, We Were All Judith Miller: Journalists owe the American people an apology: "Not long ago, the New York Times announced...

...that henceforth it would call torture ‘torture.’ Until then what the CIA was doing to get information from terrorist suspects—stuffing them in coffins; hanging them by their hands, naked; smashing them against walls; siccing snarling dogs on them—was called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ a euphemism artfully drafted by Bush Administration lawyers.

The paper’s editors gave various tortuous reasons as to why they wouldn’t use the word ‘torture.’ It would be taking sides in a political debate was one; another was that there had not been a legal determination that these techniques were torture. Well, calling slavery slavery also took sides in a political debate, and we write that a person has allegedly committed murder before there has been a court determination.