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I must confess that I had thought that Wichita would have done much better in employment during the oil boom of the past seven years:

Graph All Employees Total Nonfarm in Wichita KS MSA FRED St Louis Fed

But the oil boom-rich of Wichita do not appear to have any inclination to spend their money in Wichita putting people to work. Why not? Is there a lot less oil money in Wichita than I thought? Is the distribution of wealth in Wichita is already so peaked that extra income cannot employ enough additional restauranteurs and personal trainers to make a dent? Is it that the population of the surrounding agricultural hinterland has been declining, and that makes Wichita less of a medical care hub? Is it the declining regional population Wichita exists to serve plus the continuing migration of manufacturing away--that together these two overwhelm any oil boom?

Or is it just that everyone has decided they might as well move to Dallas?